Yasonna planned changes to citizenship regulation

Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly said the government was revising Government Regulation (PP) No. 2/2007 on mechanisms to obtain Indonesian citizenship and expected the changes to offer “solutions to problems faced by children of mixed marriages”. Yasonna also noted that regulators were discussing the potential extension of the deadline for such children’s citizenship decisions.

Yasonna said that the government still gathering opinions on the revision from stakeholders, including members of the Indonesian diaspora. “There are some suggestions that the [nationality choice] deadline should be increase to 30 years old so that those who are studying abroad do not need to return [to Indonesia]. Because at the age of 21 they have yet to finish their studies.” Yasona said. It remains unclear how and to what degree the government will be able to revise the regulation, as it is bound by the terms of the overarching 2006 Citizenship law.