Vaccination Verification Flow for Indonesian Citizens and Foreigners Vaccinated Abroad

The COVID-19 Task Force Circular Number 18 of 2021 concerning International Travel Health Protocols During the COVID-19 Pandemic stated that all international travelers, both Indonesian citizens (WNI) and foreign nationals (WNA) must show a card or certificate (physically) or digital) have received the full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as a requirement to enter Indonesia.

The Ministry of Health through the Head of the Data and Information Center has created a website to verify vaccinations for Indonesian citizens and foreigners who have been vaccinated abroad.

The Chief Digital Transformation Office of the Ministry of Health, Setiaji, St, M.Si, said the Ministry of Health has prepared a website with the address for Indonesian citizens and foreigners to register and apply for verification.

“Foreigners and Indonesian citizens who are vaccinated abroad can enter this website ( then register and apply for verification. After being verified, the results will be confirmed via email that has been registered on the website for a maximum of 3 working days,” he said at a virtual press conference, Tuesday (14/9).

Then after that, continued Setiaji, the claim must be entered into the PeduliLindungi application to claim a vaccine certificate which will appear after verification. After that, the Indonesian citizen or foreigner can use the PeduliLindungi application to access various public facilities.

The documents that must be prepared for Indonesian citizens are in the form of an ID card with a NIK, the ID used for verification is the NIK and the Vaccination Card. Meanwhile, verification is carried out by the Ministry of Health.

The documents that must be prepared by foreigners are diplomatic permits from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or residence permits from immigration and Vaccination Cards. The ID used for verification is the passport number.

Verification for foreigners with diplomatic permits is carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while verification for foreigners with residence permits is still in the process of being finalized between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The flow for getting a verification card includes;

  1. Register and apply for verification via
  2. Individual and Vaccination Data will be verified by the Ministry of Health (for Indonesian citizens) and by each embassy (for foreigners).
  3. Verification results will be confirmed via email.
  4. Register and login to the PeduliLindungi application, complete the account according to the data to activate Vaccination Status: Get a Vaccination Verification Card, enter the web, select the Check Certificate menu and complete the data.
  5. Open the PeduliLindungi application and select Scan QR Code to check in.

With this feature, it is hoped that Indonesian citizens and foreigners who vaccinate abroad can make it easier to facilitate accommodation to public facilities by using the PeduliLindungi application.

“Also, we can ensure that those who carry out mobility movements in Indonesia can be maintained according to health protocols as well as screening,” said Setiaji.