Trade Minister sees Indonesia’s exports improving

Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi has said he is optimistic that Indonesia’s export performance will improve this year, as indicated by the trade surplus of $1.32 billion recorded in June. “Despite this pandemic, we are convinced of the excellent prospects of Indonesian commodities. We hope the prime commodities will keep contributing to our export performance and pursue this positive trend in future,” he said here on Thursday.

In June 2021, Indonesia’s exports reached $18.55 billion, up 9.52 percent from May 2021 and 54.56 percent against June 2020. The biggest contribution of $17.31 billion to exports was from non-oil and gas commodities, he informed.

Exports of several non-oil and gas main commodities increased month-on-month in June, 2021. The exports of iron and steel rose by 32.31 percent; vehicles and the spare parts 42.19 percent; metal ore, slag, and ash 35.36 percent; machines and electrical equipment 15.87 percent; and. footwear 33.01 percent, he added.

The government has been reorganizing the industrial structure to support the export potential of industrial and high technology industrial goods, comprising iron, steel, and automotive, Lutfi said.

“The growth of iron and steel exports from January – June, 2021 proves that Indonesia is evolving from a raw and semi-processed materials producer to an industrial and high technology industrial goods manufacturer,” he emphasized.

The Trade Ministry is also building trade cooperation with the United Arab Emirates (UEA) to expand exports of jewelry, especially to the Middle East markets, he added.