The urgency of conducting due diligence for
ESG investments

Investments related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) have been in the
spotlight in recent years. This is because an increasing number of individuals are becoming
aware of and seeking alignment with sustainable ecosystem-based enterprises.
This global trend has had an impact on the abundance of investment related to ESG. ESG
assets reached $22.8 trillion in 2016, $30.6 trillion in 2018, and touched the $35 trillion mark
in 2020. Assuming a 15% growth, ESG assets may surpass $50 trillion by 2025.
On the other hand, the higher the consumer demand for sustainable products and services
coupled with a more rapid flow of investment funds, the greater the potential for fraud. It is
clear that due diligence plays an important role in the decision to invest in an ESG

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