Taxes: owners can now update their real estate assets online

This is good news for the 16 million French households who own real estate. With just one click from the site, individuals and professionals can now update all the information on their real estate assets held by the tax authorities. The number of rooms, the address, the surface, the category of accommodation can be specified by the owners on the page “Manage my real estate”.

A lot of information that will allow taxpayers to have a complete view of their real estate assets from their smartphone. But above all a direct line with the tax administration to report and correct certain erroneous information that the tax authorities have on their real estate assets “in full transparency”, explains Isabelle Oudenot, an executive at the DGFip. “Before, when we did work, we had to make a paper declaration to update the information on the property”.

From the fall of 2022, the tab will then allow the remote declaration of property income. And at the beginning of 2023, it will be possible to declare the occupancy situation of the housing concerned as well as the price of the rent, at the same time when the housing tax will be abolished (with the exception of second homes and vacant housing). “It’s a project lasting several years,”she continues. The platform will gradually acquire more and more functionalities.

Good news for the tax authorities

This is part of a context of digitization of the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFip). “We do this with a view to simplifying administrative procedures for the French,” adds Isabelle Oudenot, executive at DGFip. The work of tax officials is also made easier with this up-to-date information. From now on, they can cross-check the information declared on “Manage my real estate” with that provided in the tax declarations. And thus identify the fraudsters.