Takeaways from the final round of France’s parliamentary elections

Sunday’s runoff elections have led to an unprecedented political situation in France: President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition has fallen well short of a majority, leaving no single party dominant in the chamber. The president’s Ensemble (Together) group retains the most seats in parliament, but Sunday’s results dealt a severe blow to a party that for the last five years has held a commanding majority of the National Assembly.

Final results provided by the Interior Ministry give Macron’s coalition 245 of the chamber’s 577 seats. That’s 44 seats short of an absolute majority and more than a hundred-seat drop from the 346 seats it held until this weekend’s elections. That leaves the French legislature without a majority party, an unprecedented situation under the Fifth Republic, and raises major questions about whether Macron will be able to deliver on his agenda — especially major, controversial items such as pension reforms.