Sustainable Aviation Fuel to reduce CO2 emissions

Global air transport produces 2-3% of all human-made CO2 emissions. Without action, it could account for about 22% of CO2 emissions in a few decades according to ICAO forecast. Indeed, the increase of global transport and the improvement of the other polluting sectors would lead the aviation industry as a main source of pollution.

Therefore, delivering innovative and sustainable supply chain solutions as well as measuring carbon emissions is essential to improve our impact.

Made of used cooking oil, the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a great alternative to combine short lead-time and product transportation with lower impact on climate change.

An end-to-end approach with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Bolloré Logistics is working closely with airlines to support its clients in reducing their carbon footprint. It enables to offer the best air transport approach using Sustainable Aviation Fuel and ensure up to 80% carbon reduction.