Sustainability as Strategy for the Future

Albea Group is a manufacturer of tubes, cosmetics & fragrance packs and turn key solutions with 35 sites in 15 countries. Albea has 12,500+ people in a dynamic ecosystem and has reached $1.2 Billion sales in 2021. Albea Indonesia itself has 3 plants located in Semarang & Surabaya with a total of 3,100 employees.

PT. Techpack Asia as a part of Albea Indonesia occupies the top 4% of manufacturing plastic packaging companies that get the Silver Rating Ecovadis 2022. ISCC (International Sustainability Carbon Certification) is the first international standard certification system for products with claims of sustainability and reduced gas emissions. One of the efforts made by the plastic packaging industry to support sustainability is to use plastic from post-consumer recycling. The use of PCR can be accounted for in the presence of ISCC. ISCC has strict requirements for traceability throughout the supply chain to ensure that the final product is sourced from sustainable materials. PT Techpack Asia has already obtained ISCC valid from April 19, 2022. This indicates that we are ready to provide cosmetic packaging raw materials for those who are interested in joining ISCC.