PT CLS Argos Indonesia, partner of the most advanced Maritime Meteorological System

To meet Indonesia’s ambitions to develop and secure the maritime economy of the country gathering 17,000 islands, the BKMG (Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics) called on CLS Group to deploy an unprecedented marine meteorological system (MMS) on the Indonesian maritime territory. The first deployments of this unprecedented system have been successful: a promising start.

Francisco Dos Santos, MMS oceanographer at CLS Group: “2022 marks the start of the oceanographic equipment deployments in the MMS Project. Keeping pace with the project schedule, after one year of designing and planning, the first 2 missions for drifters and floats deployments were successfully performed by BMKG and PT CLS Argos Indonesia. The presence of BMKG onboard was also an opportunity for capacity building as they were trained to prepare, activate, and deploy the instruments at sea.”