Paris Fashion Week gets back on the catwalk after almost two years online

Despite the complications caused by the pandemic, the fashion community is stepping out regardless. Most fashion houses are returning to live shows as the menswear week kicks off, followed immediately by haute couture shows. 

Some 17 of the 76 brands of the official Paris menswear calendar — including big names like Dior, Hermes and Rick Owens — will be back on the catwalk, up from just six last summer.  

And nearly 30 others are opting for other types of in-person event — inviting journalists, buyers and other taste-makers to less formal gatherings around the French capital. 

Haute couture designers are also returning to the catwalk, with 18 of 29 houses planning live shows — albeit with the now-common caveat that the virus might throw a last-minute spanner in the works. 

“It’s their choice,” said Pascal Morand, head of France’s Federation for Haute Couture and Fashion.  He said the federation makes several recommendations including the use of FFP2 masks, but he was happy to see brands returning to the live sphere.