Michelin Announced The New ‘Agilis 3’

MICHELIN Indonesia launched Agilis 3 tires for the light commercial truck market, which is targeted at the transportation and logistics sectors. The tyres of Agilis 3 is specifically designed with a reinforced casing for road conditions in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.
According to Steven Vette, President Director of Michelin Indonesia, Agilis 3 has the main technology and features that make it superior. For example, the stone ejector or gravel feature and horizontal blocks in the tread groove are designed to prevent the entry of stones in the tire tread. This technology minimizes time wasted due to tire damage and reduces operating costs.
The tire has a U-shaped groove, or side groove shape that is more vertical, providing an unchanged groove depth of up to 2 mm which allows more evacuation of water in wet road conditions for longer tire grip. The braking distance on wet roads is 5% shorter or 1.9 meters shorter when the tires are new, and 11% or 3.8 meters shorter when used.
Vette claimed these features, not only make Agilis 3 superior to competitors in the same segment, but also strengthen Michelin commitment in realizing sustainable mobility. The tires are 25% higher than the previous generations, with shorter downtime due to tire failure. Besides that, Rolling Resistance or scroll resistance is 12% better than before.