Menkumham Expands Foreigner Entry Permits to Indonesia Through Latest Immigration Regulations

Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna H. Laoly issued the latest immigration policy, namely the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation (Permenkumham) Number 34 of 2021 concerning the Granting of Immigration Visas and Residence Permits in the Period of Handling the Spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 and National Economic Recovery on Wednesday (15/09/2021). With the issuance of these immigration regulations, the restrictions on the entry of foreigners into Indonesia based on the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation Number 27 of 2021 are declared invalid.

The Head of Public Relations and General Affairs of the Directorate General of Immigration, Arya Pradhana Anggakara said, Permenkumham Number 34 of 2021 gave entry permits to foreigners holding valid visas or residence permits.

“Previously, in Permenkumham Number 27 of 2021 it was stated that foreigners holding visas could not enter Indonesian territory, except for official visas and diplomatic visas. Meanwhile, Permenkumham Number 34 of 2021 reopens access to Indonesia for foreigners holding valid visit visas and limited stay visas,” he said.

Angga explained that other subjects who are now granted permission to enter Indonesian territory include foreigners holding official residence permits, diplomatic residence permits, limited stay permits, permanent residence permits, APEC Business Travel Card (KPP) holders, transportation crews who come along with their means of transportation, and Traditional Border Crossers.

“These subjects can enter Indonesian territory through certain Immigration Checkpoints (TPI), after fulfilling the Covid-19 health protocol according to the legislation,” said the 36-year-old man.

Offshore visa services reopened

Offshore visa services that were previously temporarily suspended have now reopened. Applications for offshore visa approval can be submitted based on the type of activity of the Foreigner in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. Applications for visa approval are submitted online through the website . Especially for work visa applications, it is done through the website .

“It should be noted that there are several additional requirements for the visa application that must be met by the applicant. These additional requirements include a complete dose of Covid-19 vaccination card/certificate, a statement letter willing to comply with health protocols in Indonesia and proof of ownership of health insurance/travel insurance. If a foreigner does not have health insurance, he must make a statement that he is willing to bear the cost of treatment independently if he is exposed to Covid-19 while in Indonesia,” said Angga.

Immigration PR and explained to IFCCI that these additional requirements include

  1. Statement letter willing to comply with the applicable health protocol in Indonesia
  2. Proof of ownership of health or travel insurance and/or a statement that you are willing to pay independently if affected by Covid 19
  3. Proof of EPO for ITAS holders
  4. Proof of living expenses attached in the form of a checking account, savings book, or time deposit for the last 3 (three) months belonging to the foreigner at least 2000 USD;

Plus, eight days of quarantine after arriving in Indonesia is required for foreigners.

In addition to regulating changes to policies for entry permits and visa services, through Permenkumham Number 34 of 2021, the government can prohibit and deny entry to foreigners from certain countries with a high rate of Covid-19 spread. The entry ban is based on information from the ministry or agency that carries out the handling of Covid-19.