Jokowi Launches Risk-Based OSS: I Don’t Want To Hear Bribes Anymore

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo or Jokowi doesn’t want to hear anymore about bribery in the bureaucracy. He conveyed this during the launch of the Online Single Submission or Risk-Based OSS system.

“I no longer want to hear about the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs and no longer want to hear about bribery. Everything must be done openly, transparently and makes it easier for entrepreneurs,” said Jokowi in a virtual press conference, Monday, August 9, 2021.

If there are government officials who are not clean or try to do that, Jokowi asks to report to him.

“Once again I emphasize that this service reform licensing is intended to provide ease of doing business for micro, small, medium and large businesses,” he said. “Encourage more new entrepreneurs, accelerate the transformation of the informal sector into the formal sector, and most importantly will create as many jobs as possible.”

The new risk-based OSS

Jokowi said risk-based OSS was a very significant reform in licensing. Where it uses online licensing services that are integrated and integrated with the risk-based licensing paradigm.

He said the type of permit would also be adjusted to the level of risk. Licensing for SMEs and large businesses will not be the same.

The high risk of business licensing is in the form of a license. Medium risk of business licensing is in the form of a standard certificate. And the low risk of licensing is simply a registration or business registration number from the OSS.

With the improvement of the licensing system, Jokowi believes that the ease of doing business in Indonesia will improve. Therefore, he asked ministers and institutions as well as governors, regents, mayors, to be disciplined to follow the ease in this OSS. “I will check and directly supervise the implementation in the field. Are the requirements getting easier, are the number of permits decreasing, are the processes simpler, are the costs more efficient, are the standards the same throughout Indonesia, and are the services faster? ” Jokowi said.