Indonesian Government Announces New Air Travel Requirements

The Transportation Ministry has issued a circular overseeing international air travel for both Indonesians and international citizens. As the result, this notice which took effect beginning July 6 will annul the last one (SE 21/2021).

“The SE 47/2021 is the latest regulation on requirements international air transportation travelers must obey,” said Director General of Air Transportation Novie Riyanto on Friday, July 9.

International air travelers will be subjected to stricter requirements to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, especially the new variants.

The requirements are

Both Indonesians and non-Indonesians are subjected to the following:

  1. Indonesians (WNI) and foreign citizens (WNA) must show a negative result PCR test certificate from their country of origin. Samples must be taken at a maximum of 3×24 hours prior to their departure.
  2. WNI and WNA must show their COVID-19 vaccine certificate (two complete doses). The certificates can either be on paper or digital. However:
  • WNI who have not been vaccinated overseas will be vaccinated as they arrive in Indonesia  at the quarantine center after passing PCR tests that show negative results.
  • Diplomatic visa holders, foreign officials of the state ministerial level or above, and WNA entering Indonesia under an arranged travel corridor are not required to show their complete vaccine dose card but must comply with strict health protocols.
  • Foreign nationals already in Indonesia and plan to travel domestically between Java and Bali are required to show their complete vaccine dose report. International travels are not required by this.
  • Upon arrival, both Indonesians and foreign nationals must undergo another PCR test.
  • WNI and WNA must undergo centralized quarantine for 8 days.

Meanwhile, air travel cabin crews are permitted to dismount from their flight and stay for transit purposes in special areas and facilities. In addition, they are not permitted to travel outside the areas without the supervision of air carrier operators accompanied by flight security inspectors.