Indonesia Rich in Nickel, Pertamina Ready to Production of Electric Vehicle Batteries

PT Pertamina (Persero) is ready to develop an electric vehicle (EV) battery ecosystem by optimizing domestic nickel resources . Nickel is one of the raw materials for making EV batteries.  Main Director of Pertamina Nicke Widyawati believes that her party can produce batteries and increase the penetration of electric vehicles. This is because Indonesia’s nickel reserves are quite promising.Pertamina has infrastructure that can be optimized for the entry of electric vehicles, and has segmentation data on characteristics, mobility and purchasing power.
Apart from that, Pertamina also has more than 7,400 gas stations, 6,100 Pertashops, and 63,000 LPG outlets . Pertamina is also ready to collaborate with other parties from various countries to develop EV batteries and optimize its infrastructure. Nicke said that this commitment is in line with the recommendations put forward by the B20 Energy, Sustainability and Climate Task Force (B20-TF ESC), one of which is accelerating ecosystem development.