G20 Summit Opportunity to Offer Mutual Cooperation Concept

The chairman of the MPR, Bambang Soesatyo, who encouraged the government of President Joko Widodo to take advantage of the momentum as a leader and host of the G-20 Summit to offer the concept of gotong royong as one of the values of Pancasila to the world. According to Bamsoet, the concept of gotong royong is very appropriate to put forward in overcoming
various world problems. For example, related to the Covid-19 pandemic, currently we are still waiting for access to vaccines between developed countries and developing countries and poor countries. If the world wants to apply the values of Pancasila, then this inequality can be overcome. In essence, the values contained in Pancasila are universal values, so they can be easily accepted by the global community. “This is what makes the application of Pancasila values we can find references in various aspects and dimensions, including in solving global health problems,”

Source : https://nasional.tempo.co/read/1626489/bamsoet-ktt-g20-kesempatan-untuk-tawarkan- konsep-gotong-royong