Sustainability as Strategy for the Future

Outside of environmental development, the economy and economic opportunities are a huge part of any discussion around development. The fundamental question of sustainable economic development is how to build a growing economy that is not too destructive on the environment or the social fabric. The economy is essential for the livelihood for every single person. As much as we need the natural world, we need an economy that is open, free, and providing for as many people as possible.

One could even imagine it as another ecosystem that people depend on. Environmentalists often clash deeply with economists about the impact of green reforms on the economy. Commitment to sustainability is realized through implementation of corporate responsibility to environmental, social and governance aspects in all business lines, while the Company also supports the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our environment responsibility is realized by putting the health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) aspect as one top priority and managing environmental risks. Regarding social responsibility, the Company must adopt an energy-business approach, which offers both potential and opportunities for expanding the market share of the Company. Climate scientists have been predicting for decades that human industrialisation and consumption of irreplaceable natural resources may lead to a climate breakdown. So to build the awareness of environmental and sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, it’s human responsibility to keep the planet earth healthy.

The sustainability and Renewal energy movement will bring in massive investment to import and development new technology. This will be great for Indonesia’s youth as they work in the new sector. This will be higher paying jobs and more rewarding. Innovation will bring solutions to the cost issues while technological competency will raise the purchasing power. Government’s role is to provide the platform.
by the presentation of Danone, Albea, and L’oreal they are agree to give a real impact and commitment for environment and sustainability by implementing in their own way. Indonesia Government is also responsible for working with the other company toward building a better future to Indonesia awareness and regulation about environment and sustainability.