IFI and IFCCI are building partnership on Alumni de France and French Business Community

IFI and IFCCI are building partnership through MoU about promoting the reapprochement between Indonesian Alumni de France and the French business community in Indonesia, it could be through sharing information, job offering, training, internship, and scholarship program. This activity was attended by Mr. Philippe Augier (Chairman of IFCCI), Mr. Stéphane Dovert (Director of IFI), Mr. Julien Steimer (Chairman of Eurocham / CEO of AXA Indonesia), Mr. Arividya Noviyanto (President and GM of Total E&P), Mr. Steven Vette (President Director of PT Michelin Indonesia), and Mr. Yann Jaubart (QHSE Manager and Operations Advisor of Sinarmas LDA Maritime). IFCCI will work with its members and connections to provide this to Indonesian Alumni de France via IFI. IFCCI and IFI also worked together about funding the newly launched IFI book La Grande de la Cooperation Scientifique Franco Indonesia with some of the IFCCI members who’s also invited and present in the meeting.