Diner Thématique IFI and IFCCI – Economy and Finance

Following IFI and IFCCI framework cooperation, this December’s Diner Thématique was held at Amuz Gourmet with finance and economy as its’ theme. This dinner was attended by IFI, IFCCI members, and France Alumni who have a work background in the economy and financial sector.

Mr. Philippe Augier and Mr. Sebastien Gautier, President and Vice President of IFCCI, was present at this dinner, while IFI was represented by Mr. Thierry Goubier, Attaché Scientifique, and Mr. Massine Taleb, Chargé de mission coopération educative. Also joining this dinner was Arnaud Tripet, Adjoint du Chef de service économique from Ambassade de France. This dinner was attended by France Alumni working in the economy and fincancial sector as well as Mr. Thierry Gigant, COO Asset Management of BNP Paribas, one of IFCCI member. The dinner was lasted from 7-10 pm and discussing economical outlook in Indonesia these past years.