Diner Thématique IFI and IFCCI – Renewable Energy

In the framework of the MoU cooperation between IFI and IFCCI, on this occasion held a Renewable Energy themed dinner at Cinnamons Restaurant, Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The participants who attended included IFI, IFCCI members, and France Alumni who have a work background in the renewable energy sector. In this event, we discussed the current state of renewable energy in Indonesia, the latest projects being carried out by each company, and several solutions for the development of renewable energy in Indonesia.

Opened by Mr. Stephane Dovert, Director of IFI, and Mr. Sebastien Gautier, Vice President of IFCCI, this dinner was attended by France Alumni working in the renewable energy sector as well as representatives from French renewable energy company in Indonesia (Akuo Energy, Ersa Khabul, Veolia, Vinci Energies, Engie Tractebel, and HDF Energy). The dinner was lasted from 7-10 pm and was filled with insightful materials.