Emmanuel Macron announces his plan for the electric car on France 2030 plan

October 17, Emmanuel Macron announces in an interview with the daily Les Echos measures to consolidate the transition to electric vehicles. The Head of State announced an increase in the ecological bonus from 6,000 to 7,000 euros on electric cars and the extension of the tariff shield to electric terminals.
He stated “We must massively support our manufacturers, their subcontractors, the services and play collectively. Our objective is to produce 2 million electric vehicles in 2030, with French and foreign investments creating jobs in batteries or assembly (…) We will reach one million electric vehicles produced in France in 2027”. In the France 2030 plan, he estimate that nearly 5 billion will benefit the automobile and 1 billion is earmarked for sub -contractors to help them diversify and change their structure, because many of them are under-capitalized and do not have the critical size.

Source: https://www.challenges.fr/economie/macron-muscle-son-plan-pour-l-auto-electrique_831717