Creative Economy Products from Indonesia Filled BHV Marais

Collaboration between the Central Government, Local Government, and the private sector is the key to success in promoting Indonesia’s creative economy products abroad. This is evidenced in the collaboration that presents creative economy products from Indonesian MSMEs in Paris. The activity entitled “Indonésie, de Java Bali” which is fully supported by the e-commerce platform Shopee Indonesia, will be held from 8 June to 17 July 2022. There are more than a thousand creative economy products from MSMEs from Solo, consisting of fashion products, home decorations, as well as food and beverage products that have undergone a direct curation process by BHV Marais.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Paris is committed to continuing to increase trade between Indonesia and France, including through the marketing of creative economy products from Indonesian MSMEs, especially in the context of post-pandemic economic recovery. With the introduction of creative economy products from Indonesian MSMEs in France and Indonesian cultural performances at this activity, it is hoped will have a positive impact in encouraging economic recovery and Indonesian tourism, as prioritized by the Government of Indonesia in 2022.