Barbara Pompili plans ten measures to develop photovoltaics in France

The Minister of Ecological Transition wants to see the development of 1,000 photovoltaic projects by 2025.

“We need to increase the rate of renewable energies in our production.” Invited on franceinfo on Wednesday (3/11), the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili announced the launch of a ten-measure plan to develop photovoltaic energy on French territory.

Currently, photovoltaics only represents a minimal portion of French electricity production. The French energy mix is ​​largely dominated by nuclear. The Minister of Ecological Transition therefore intends to strengthen the renewable sector, by providing, first of all, for the installation of 1,000 photovoltaic projects on public land by 2025.

Simplify formalities

The government also wants to lighten the administrative procedures that govern the installation of small installation projects. A building permit will no longer be requested in these cases, and a simple prior declaration of work should suffice.

Where will we find these signs? The Minister of Ecological Transition emphasizes that the Climate and Resilience law promulgated in August 2021 makes it compulsory to install panels in warehouses, hangars and car parks of more than 500 square meters. In addition, the installation of panels on motorway service areas will also be facilitated by adjustments in the duration of occupation of the motorway domain, specifies franceinfo.

Another measure aimed at breaking the brakes on installation: photovoltaic parks with a capacity of less than 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) can be launched without necessarily requesting a call for tenders. For projects with a capacity greater than 500 kWh, the government also intends to launch new calls for tenders over the period 2021-2026. Objective: to increase French production capacity by 3 gigawatt hours (gWh) per year. “We need to multiply by three by 2028 the number of photovoltaic panel installations,” says Barbara Pompili, who stresses, however, that these photovoltaic projects must be installed to measure according to the sites chosen.