Anies Claim to Cut Building Permit Process to 57 Days

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Governor DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, claims his government has completely reformed the ease of doing business in the capital. According to him, before the reform was carried out, obtaining a building permit (IMB) took 360 days or almost a year.

However, at this time, the maximum time needed to get an IMB is 57 days or almost 2 months.

“In the past, it took more than 360 days to get a construction permit, basically one year. So, whenever you want to build an 8-story building, it used to take a year and now it takes a maximum of 57 days,” he said at the opening of the Jakarta Investment Forum (JIF) which was broadcast live, Thursday (11/11).

Anies described the example to show concrete evidence of regulatory reform in the DKI Provincial Government through simplification and digitization.

On the same occasion, he also invited investors to start looking at doing business in the capital city. Anies claimed that his city was ready to host investors.

DKI’s readiness, he continued, can be seen from the stretch of economic growth since the second quarter of 2021. He noted that in the second quarter, DKI’s economic growth reached double digits, 10.9 percent year-on-year (yoy).

Meanwhile, in the third quarter, Jakarta’s growth slowed to 7.2 percent for the same comparison.

“This indicates local economic recovery and economic indicators show Jakarta is ready to do business, to invest,” he said.

He said that DKI is open to various types of investment with the public, especially for investments related to issues of urban sustainability, transportation, the health sector, and tourism.