A plan for self-employed workers presented at the end of September

“The objective of this plan will be to facilitate the conduct of their activities and improve their social protection,” said Jean Castex on Wednesday.

In preparation for several months, a new plan for self-employed workers should finally see the light of day. Jean Castex confirmed this on Wednesday during a speech at the end of the Council of Ministers and the government’s re-entry seminar.

In a few weeks, (…) the President of the Republic will present a plan for self-employed workers whose objective will be to facilitate the conduct of their activities and improve their social protection”, declared the Prime Ministe, adding that it “will materialize in a bill which will be presented to the Council of Ministers at the end of this month”.

Recalling that the 3.6 million self-employed in France had suffered greatly from the crisis, Jean Castex indicated that this plan will allow them to boost their activity. A plan mentioned in October 2020 by Emmanuel Macron during his speech announcing the reconfinement of the country , and for which the Minister in charge of small and medium-sized enterprises Alain Griset has been working since January.

When contacted, the minister’s office refused to go into the details of the plan, contenting themselves with presenting its architecture. It will revolve around the key moments in the life of an independent, from the creation of its structure to possible health problems, including training. With the objective to provide the self-employed with a simpler, fairer and more protective environment.

Asked last May at the National Assembly, Alain Griset had indicated that this plan would contain measures relating to protection, in particular social, simplification, business transfer, employee spouses and business failures.

Contrasting reactions among unions

If he does not have information on the content of the measures, the Union of Independent (SDI) said it had stressed two main points in his last meeting with Alain Griset. Ensures greater protection personal assets of the self-employed and providing them with better social coverage, in particular via a better transition between salaried employment and entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship training aspect was also mentioned by the union, whether from secondary school to middle school and high school students, or to managers, for example when setting up their business or expanding.

According to Marc Sanchez, general secretary of SDI, Alain Griset would have assured that the planned reforms were rather in line with the measures proposed by the union. There remain financial arbitrations, which are more the responsibility of the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic, said the Minister of SMEs. We therefore want to be rather optimistic on the SDI side.

At Indépendants.co, it is the wait-and-see attitude that dominates. A spokeswoman said the union has known about this plan for a long time, for which it gave leads to the government. But he says he has for the moment no information on its content and therefore await its presentation on September 29 in the Council of Ministers. For its part, the National Federation of Autoentrepreneurs and Microentrepreneurs (FNAE) fulminates. Its president Grégoire Leclercq ensures that his organization was not consulted on the subject. According to him, the executive has the wrong priority. “It’s not an emergency. The subject of the moment is the end of the solidarity fund ” he said on September 30. The unions are calling for its maintenance for the self-employed or the adaptation of the new system of support for fixed costs, so that it covers the self-employed.