Whistleblowing System, one solutive way to disclose the fraud of Binomo investment

Binary Options or better known as Binomo is one of the phenomenal investment methods that has attracted the attention of people around the world. Currently, this system that offers huge instant income serves 30,000,000 trade traffic per week and reaches more than 133 countries, including Indonesia. However, this online business system was tarnished by the suspicion of doing fraud under the guise of Binomo practices.

Bappebti explained that banning or illegalizing the binary options systems, such as Binomo, stems from concerns that the public may be influenced by misleading advertisements. There are four aspects that need to be known before investing. First, don’t be quick to believe that there are investments that offer high or unreasonable returns. Secondly, check the license or legality of the investment company. Integrity Asia offers comprehensive checking for you to be able to make an informed decision. Third, ask for transparency in the prospectus of risks, losses, profits, and so on from investment companies. Fourth, don’t be easily influenced.