Veolia hosted a circularity tour to introduce Inclusive Recycling Indonesia (IRI)

Veolia host a tour organised by our partner Danone to introduce Inclusive Recycling Indonesia (IRI) on 20th July. IRI is a waste management program aimed to increase the plastic waste recycling efforts in Indonesia by developing cooperation amongst plastic waste collection business units, optimizing the community-based waste management facilities’ productivity, and partnering with private business entities as well as the recycling industry. Danone Ecosystem, AQUA, Veolia and YPCII initiated this program and was conducted in several regions in Indonesia.

Veolia contributes by recycling plastic waste into food-grade rPET pellets for new plastic bottle raw materials. The collection centre was furnished with the necessary equipment and tools to improve the welfare of the waste collectors. Training such as health & safety, Covid-19 prevention, child labour awareness and prevention was conducted to improve knowledge and abilities in the workplace.