Soon a single website for information and procedures for entrepreneurs

This is one of the simplification measures announced by Emmanuel Macron last Thursday (16/9), on the occasion of the presentation of a plan for self-employed workers, at the congress of the Union of local businesses (U2P). From the end of the year, entrepreneurs will no longer have to juggle different websites to find out their rights or complete the formalities related to their activity.

A single digital window, which will be specifically dedicated to them, will indeed be created. “It will allow entrepreneurs to be informed and to proceed with all the administrative procedures”, declared the President in front of an audience of about 600 members of the U2P, at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris. “Entrepreneurs will be able in particular to pay all their compulsory deductions on a common portal of tax and social recovery”, specified the Head of State. “The site will be updated regularly”, said Alain Griset, Minister Delegate in charge of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who has been working on this issue of the plan for the self-employed for over a year.

This service, whose name has not yet been released, will be the independent equivalent of the site It brings together in one place all the administrative information that individuals may need (work, family, papers, housing, etc.) and centralizes all forms and procedures online. “We see that it works, that it is widely consulted and that it helps to improve things”, pointed out the public of the Elysee. “Like, the new site will refer to the platforms associated with each approach”, indicates Alain Griset.

More than a year of development

With this measure, Emmanuel Macron wishes in particular to fight against the non-recourse to certain aid. “This project of simplification is extremely important when we see the number of you who do not have recourse to certain devices or who waste time and sometimes money for the procedures”, underlined the head of state.

The government promises, in a release, the website is based on a personalized user experience, simple, closer to the daily needs of businesses, so that it becomes the single reference site for entrepreneurs in the context of their research, their questions and their procedures.

Alain Griset’s cabinet specifies that he has been working there for a year for this. “There was first a qualitative and quantitative study on the design of the project, then an information mission, to make a complete inventory of the needs of entrepreneurs. Then we took a quarter of it to make a model”, explains one in the entourage of the Minister. The actual development of the site started in July and will take six months to be operational in December.