Signing of a France-Indonesia financial protocol for the construction of a data center

Over the past few years, the Indonesian authorities has developed a project to strengthen e-government infrastructure. The aim of this project is very clear: at this time, all countries must continue to increase the use of digital instruments in their public policies. This demand is of course getting stronger, driven by the Covid crisis and restrictions on mobility and is even more real in the Indonesian archipelago, given the vast distances between regions.

Indonesia must answer this big digital challenge by implementing a strategy that pivots on the following three things:

  • Putting information at the same level in administration;
  • Rationalization of government investment in digital technology;
  • Provides universal access to these tools throughout the country comprising more than 17,000 islands, spread over three time zones.

In order to anticipate and answer these needs, the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) has been entrusted with developing the country’s digital infrastructure, through the construction of a data center which is one of the requirements for development e-government. It is within this framework that the French government funded a feasibility study conducted by SOFRECOM to properly define the needs of the Indonesian government and propose adequate technical solutions.

Conducted in six months by Sofrecom Indonesia, this study enlisted the help of French and Indonesian experts. It was finalized in September 2018 and made it possible to:

  • assess existing capacity and data storage requirements within the ministries, public agencies and local authorities;
  • develop a data center project technically capable of storing existing data, absorbing growing needs in the coming years and ensuring the security of this data;
  • assess the cost of the investment;
  • prepare the terms of reference for a future call for tenders.

Based on this study, France was appointed by the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning as the funder for this USD 190 million project. The project will be financed by direct loans from the French Ministry of Finance and French agencies guaranteed by French banking, Bpifrance Assurance Export.

An important step has just been taken, as the financial protocol has been signed that enables financing and defines the modalities of such financing. This virtual groundbreaking is required to take the following steps, including the launch of a tender offer. Several French companies have been mobilized to participate in the upcoming tender offer. Thus, Indonesia can take advantage of the advantages and knowledge of France in this field, for the sake of independence and better data security, as well as better digital access for all citizens.