Électricité de France

EDF Group is world’s leading low-carbon electric company, with a full range of expertise in power generation (120+ GW total), transmission (100 000 km+ of HT lines), distribution (1.3 M+ km of MT/LT lines), retail (38.9 million clients), with footprint in 27 countries worldwide.

In renewable energies, EDF owns and operates 24 GW hydro-electric power plant, 10 GW of wind, 2.4 GW of solar PV. EDF is also the world’s leading producer of nuclear electricity with 69 reactors in operation worldwide. EDF is one of the largest energy services for energy optimization and trading in diversified portfolio.

In transmission, EDF studies, constructs, owns, operates, and manage strategic major interconnection projects across the world. EDF recently awarded the biggest HVDC submarine interconnection project in Abu Dhabi worth 3 billion US$. And in the distribution, EDF owns the signature of smart-meters in France (Linky) with over 37 million smart meter in France and deliver our smart-meter know-how to execute the 5 million meters in India.

EDF Representative Office in Indonesia aims to bring those vertically integrated know-how with strong ambitions of:

  • To continue develop a strong partnership with Indonesian State Owned Enterprise. And to collaborate beyond generation/IPP projects.
  • To support the energy transition in Indonesia by providing technical partnership, engineering, project management, and consultancy services.
  • To continue develop signature projects in minigrid hybrid, hydro and pump storage, smart meter, EV fast charging, and domestic-international interconnections.
  • To support Indonesia future energy transformation in nuclear power.

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