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Introducing the online store of AMUZ

September 25, 2020
Introducing the online store of AMUZ
AMUZ is now introducing their new the online store for easier and faster shopping. Click and enjoy your fine dining.
Meanwhile, get ready for this premium lunch box for your important meeting needs. The chef Gilles Marx ensure each menu is perfectly tailored to accommodate your event style and culinary needs.
For more info please contact : Riny (08158758744), Yenni (089621734561), or Dendy (081807170980).

Three flights per week between Jakarta and Amsterdam with KLM

September 25, 2020
KLM flies 3 times per week between Jakarta and Amsterdam
The weekend is on the corner! Let's adjust our travel schedule again. KLM is now flying between Jakarta and Amsterdam via Bangkok for 3 times per week!! Take a look at the schedule until 22 October 2020.

Michelin Announced The New 'Agilis 3'

September 12, 2020
Michelin Announced The New 'Agilis 3'
MICHELIN Indonesia launched Agilis 3 tires for the light commercial truck market, which is targeted at the transportation and logistics sectors. The tyres of Agilis 3 is specifically designed with a reinforced casing for road conditions in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.
According to Steven Vette, President Director of Michelin Indonesia, Agilis 3 has the main technology and features that make it superior. For example, the stone ejector or gravel feature and horizontal blocks in the tread groove are designed to prevent the entry of stones in the tire tread. This technology minimizes time wasted due to tire damage and reduces operating costs.
The tire has a U-shaped groove, or side groove shape that is more vertical, providing an unchanged groove depth of up to 2 mm which allows more evacuation of water in wet road conditions for longer tire grip. The braking distance on wet roads is 5% shorter or 1.9 meters shorter when the tires are new, and 11% or 3.8 meters shorter when used.
Vette claimed these features, not only make Agilis 3 superior to competitors in the same segment, but also strengthen Michelin commitment in realizing sustainable mobility. The tires are 25% higher than the previous generations, with shorter downtime due to tire failure. Besides that, Rolling Resistance or scroll resistance is 12% better than before.

Chef Chris Salans Received received the 'Chevalier dans l'Ordre du Mérite Agricole'

September 12, 2020
Chef Chris Salans Receives Award from The Government of France
One of the French chefs which also IFCCI’s partner that build his career in Bali, Christopher (Chris) Salans received the 'Chevalier dans l'Ordre du Mérite Agricole' or Knight in the Order of Agricultural Services from the French government. This award is an appreciation and respect for his services concerned in promoting agriculture and French cuisine through extraordinary career and skills as a Chef in Indonesia.
Chef Salans manages MOZAIC Restaurant and Spice by Chris Salans offers gastronomy that combines French culinary techniques with Indonesian ingredients and spices which he calls Modern International Balinese Cuisine. The French-Indonesian fusion culinary brought by Salans is what makes the French Government give a mark of service in the agricultural sector. He has studied formal culinary in France, working with several well-known Chefs, both in France and in America, before settling in Indonesia, especially in Bali, 20 years ago
The event was also attended by Chef Gilles Marx, founder of the AMUZ Gourmet in Jakarta who also had received the same award by the French government in January 2013. Today, both Chef Chris and Chef Gilles have been selected as the Head Couch for Indonesian team to the finals of the Bocuse d'Or 2021 in Lyon, France – one of the most prestigious culinary competitions in the world.

Guidance Preparation for e-Faktur to IFCCI Members

Dear IFCCI Members & Colleagues, FYI

Starting by July 1st 2015, all Tax Invoices shall be issued and reported through the Electronic Tax Invoice System. This requirement was introduced through Regulation of the Directorate General of Taxes No. PER-16/PJ/2014 regarding The Procedures of Producing and Reporting the Electronic Tax Invoice.

Please kindly note that this Regulation will be applicable to all businesses in Indonesia who has a VAT Registered Business (PKP). Please be informed that in order to be able to issue an e-Faktur, you have to register at the Tax Office (KPP) which handles your taxation reports.

To register and issue your e-Faktur, please refer to the guide below as prepared by :

Please click on the image for further information