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IFCCI Forum Group Discussion - The Outlook for the Indonesian Mining Sector in 2015 – “Policy and Regulatory Perspective"

IFCCI has organized a Forum Group Discussion: The Outlook for the Indonesian Mining Sector in 2015-  “Policy and Regulatory Perspective”.
on April 1st, 2015 at Atanaya Room 2, Hotel Atlet Century Park - Jakarta
Indonesia is one of the world’s most larger producer of tin, nickel, copper, bauxite and gold. There is no doubt that the mining sector has been one of the key sectors supporting Indonesia’s economic growth for a number of years. This sector makes a significant contribution to Indonesian GDP, exports, government revenues, employment and, perhaps most importantly, the economic development of the remote regions where mining operations are located. Therefore, there are many things that we have to acknowledge about the mining future in our country.

IFCCI RENDEZ-VOUS March, 24th 2015

The IFCCI Rendez-vous was held successfully last Tuesday in a French restaurant, Liberté French Brasserie – Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place SCBD.

The Rendez-vous was opened with casual speech by IFCCI’s Chairman, Mr. Philippe Augier. The business networking night was also complemented with a dinner buffet; as well as free flow of beer, French wine and cheese, making it into an exquisite evening of professional networking.

IFCCI Forum Group Discussion - Investment Outlook- BKPM One Stop Service: “New Hope for a Conducive Investment?”

IFCCI has organized a Forum Group Discussion Investment Outlook- BKPM One Stop Service: “New Hope for a Conducive Investment?”
on Tuesday, 3rd of March 2015 at the Sultan Hotel Jakarta.

The new One Stop Service (OSS) is a service provided by BKPM to shortens the application process by giving the investor a direct access to the online system (skipping the step of the queue number which would apply in the offline process). By using the online OSS the investor will be able to find the different type of licenses, the required documents, and the completion period. The investors will be able to track their documents. It will then be easier to track the documents, especially in case of need of clarifications.

IFCCI RENDEZ-VOUS February, 24th 2015

at Patio Trattoria & Pizerria- Jakarta.
IFCCI Rendez-Vous night was taking place in a beautiful-cozy new restaurant, Patio Trattoria & Pizerria Dharmawangsa (by Plataran Group) in Kebayoran Baru.

The February IFCCI Rendez-Vous was held successfully last Tuesday, February 24th.

Almost 70 IFCCI members and colleagues attended this event which was opened by IFCCI’s Director, Mrs. Cynthia Kemalawati.