Latest Events

EIBN Joint Gathering January 20th, 2016

Surrounded by a classy venue at RASA Restaurant – Intercontinental Jakarta Midplaza, the EIBN Joint Gathering hosted by IFCCI was successfully held. Over 180 members and colleagues from IFCCI, EKONID, BritCham, INA, and EuroCham enjoyed a relaxing ambiance at RASA Restaurant while broadening their business networks at this event.

IFCCI’s Chairman, Mr. Philippe Augier, welcomed everyone along with EKONID’s Jan Rönnfeld, BritCham’s Graham Garven, and INA’s Elmar Bouma with a toast.


Beaujolais Nouveau is a wine party tradition in France celebrated all over the world held every year on the 3rd Thursday of November. Over 65 million bottles, nearly half of the region's total annual production, distributed and drunk around the world. It has become a worldwide race to be the first to serve to this new wine of the harvest.

However, due to the incident in Paris on 13th November, the Beaujolais Nouveau was postponed and the theme of the event was turned into a celebration of life and freedom, to the memory of the innocent victims and transform it to Fête de la Liberté.
The Indonesian-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IFCCI), organized the Fête de la Liberté on the occasion of Beaujolais Nouveau in Jakarta at the Sasono Mulyo Ballroom, Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta on Friday, 11 December 2015.

IFCCI RENDEZ-VOUS October, 20 2015

Indulged by amazing venue in central heart of Jakarta, the IFCCI Rendez-Vous was again successfully held at Hard Rock Café. IFCCI members and colleagues enjoyed a relaxing ambiance while broadening their business networks at this event.

Opened by the IFCCI’s Chairman, Mr. Philippe Augier, the gathering was complemented with a delectable buffet menu; a free flow of beer from Carlsberg, and the most wanted French wine and cheese.

IFCCI Forum Group Discussion - New Regulation of Foreign Manpower: Implementation & Impact for Foreign Business in Indonesia

IFCCI has organized a Forum Group Discussion: New Regulation of Foreign Manpower: Implementation & Impact for Foreign Business in Indonesia on September 23rd, 2015 at Boardroom 1, Financial Club - Jakarta

In June 2015, The Ministry of Manpower issued Regulation of the Minister of Manpower No. 16 of 2015 regarding the Procuration of Foreign Manpower that sets separate frameworks for foreigners to be working in Indonesia, namely as investors themselves and as skill that is brought to the country with the ultimate aim of transfer of knowledge. For Board of Management or top-level positions, the Regulation stipulates new eased regulations, such as no need for a local accompaniment or apprentice, and also no requirement regarding specific competence or academic background, as long as the length of working period has been sufficed.