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IFCCI held our Forum Group Discussion on August 21st, 2019 at Balease Arjuno Room, Mercantile Athletic Club Jakarta. The subject of our discourse was Halal lifestyle and regulations, an interesting topic considering Indonesia is home to approximately 225 million Muslims. We were honored to have Mr. Sapta Nirwandar and Dr. Hj. Subandriyah MM as our speakers, and Mr. Christopher Johnston as our moderator. Our discussion was also attended by IFCCI Chairman, Mr. Philippe Augier, and Deputy Head Of Economic Department of the French Embassy, Mr. Jean-Hippolyte Feildel.

Mr. Sapta Nirwandar, former deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, who now holds the position of founder and chairman of Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center, shared his detailed study on the economic potential that the Halal industry holds. He also expressed his optimism on what Indonesia can achieve in the international Halal trade.

After Mr. Sapta Nirwandar presented the economic opportunity of Halal products and services, Dr. Hj. Subandriyah MM of Halal Product Assurance Body (under direct order of the Ministry of Religious Affairs) enlightened us on the legal and procedural aspect of the Halal regulations that will accompany the Halal industry.

Several attendees directed their question to both of the speakers which led to knowledgable discussions. We are grateful to Mr. Sapta Nirwandar, Dr. Hj. Subandriyah MM, and Mr. Christopher Johnston, as well as our valuable guests who helped us construct a valuable dialogue on an important issue. We eagerly look forward to seeing you on our next Forum Group Discussion!