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EIBN Joint Gathering July 19, 2016

Surrounded by an elegant venue at Raffles Jakarta, the EIBN Joint Gathering hosted by EuroCham was successfully held. Over 120 members and colleagues from IFCCI, EKONID, BritCham, INA, and EuroCham enjoyed a nice ambiance while broadening their business networks at this event.

EuroCham’s, Mr. Ulf Backlund, welcomed everyone along with IFCCI’s Mr. Baudouin Coomans, BritCham’s Mr. Chris Wren, EKONID’s Ms. Laura Aramoand INA’s Mr. Peter Halm with a toast.

The gathering was complemented with a delicious buffet menu; a free flow of wine, beer, and other beverages.

As the highlight of the event, there were two lucky draw prizes sponsored by Raffles Jakarta.

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!



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