Macron wants €400 billion to ‘transform’ France’s forces through 2030

Seven months after declaring the launch of a new “war economy” in France, President Emmanuel Macron has unveiled plans to spend hundreds of billions of euros on defense investments that will “transform” the military over the next decade. The nation’s next six-year military programming law – known in French as the “loi de programmation militaire,” or LPM – will shape the nation’s defense spending between 2024-2030. Drawing on current geopolitical circumstances and technological developments, Macron will request a €400 billion ($433.4 billion) investment for the 2024-2030 LPM, he announced in a Friday speech at the nation’s Mont-de-Marsan Air Base in southwestern France.If enacted, that sum would reflect a 35% increase over the current 2019-2025 LPM of €295 billion, and could cover a total of €413 billion military needs, he claimed.The current 2019-2025 LPM’s directive was simple: to “repair our armies,” Macron said. While that effort has progressed and is ongoing, the next LPM will empower France to “transform” its services to more quickly respond to global threats to its territories, he added.