Macron to Invest 30 Bio EUR in Research and Development

French President Emmanuel Macron announced an industrialization plan worth 30 billion euros. This investment is to reclaim the ‘crown’ of France as a world leader in innovation.

He made this statement 6 months before the presidential election and one month before the Climate Change Summit.

Macron said France took this action 15-20 years later than other European neighbours. Now France wants to become a reference country for innovation and research.

He said this in front of company leaders and students because France had a growth deficit caused by past investments.

For that, France needs to return to a good condition by having innovation, production, and exports to finance its people.

Thus, France can become a global leader in the field of green hydrogen. He also targets 2 million electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles on French roads. Furthermore, Macron also said France will invest 1 billion euros in 2030 to produce atomic power, in particular designing small nuclear reactors.