Macron opens France’s first offshore windfarm amid European energy crisis

President Emmanuel Macron was set to unveil a plan on Thursday to boost renewable energy in France, including offshore wind farms and solar power, as the country is lagging behind most of its European neighbors. “ Will we be able to do better in a few months? The answer is no  ”, explained the Head of State. Unpopular and explosive today, the reform will be equally so tomorrow.

The move comes amid a major energy crisis in Europe, aggravated by Russia’s war in Ukraine, as Macron wants the country to gain more independence in terms of electricity production. Macron went on a boat Thursday to visit France’s first offshore wind farm off the port of Saint-Nazaire in western France.

He was scheduled to detail in a speech later Thursday a range of measures meant to facilitate and accelerate renewable energy projects, according to the French presidency. A bill will be presented next week at a Cabinet meeting.France’s energy strategy has long relied on developing nuclear power — based on imported uranium— which provides about 67% of French electricity, more than any other country.