Indonesia’s G20 Presidency Successfully Raises USD 1.4 Trillion of Financial Intermediary Fund

The Ministry of Finance or Ministry of Finance reports that the G20 Presidency Indonesia Presidency has made history through the collection of the Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) of US$1.4 billion. In an official statement received in Jakarta, Saturday, the Ministry of Finance said that FIF was organized by the World Bank to ensure the adequacy and sustainability of financing for the prevention and response to future pandemics.

G20 members push for additional commitmentsvoluntary Financial Intermediary Fund commitments. The G20 also welcomes FIF’s membership and inclusive Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (PPR) representation from low- and middle-income countries, civil society organizations, and donor agencies, of which the World Health Organization (WHO) plays a central role. On the other hand, to support a strong and sustainable world economic recovery process, the G20 countries have discussed sustainable, inclusive, accessible and affordable infrastructure development. Members voluntarily and independently support the G20/Global Infrastructure (GI) Hub Framework on how best to reach private sector participation to promote sustainable infrastructure investment.