Indonesia’s Export Performance in 2021 is Very Promising, BPS said

Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Margo Yuwono  said Indonesia’s export performance in 2021 has been very promising, with shipments of goods in June, 2021 reaching US$18.55 billion.

“During 2021, our exports are very promising, even compared to the 2020 and 2019 periods,” he remarked at an online press conference originating from here on Thursday.

The value of exports in June, 2021 reflected an increase of 9.52 percent compared to the previous month and 54.46 percent compared to the year-ago period, he informed.

Most benefited sector

Yuwono said non-oil and gas exports in June, 2021 reached US$17.31 billion, up 8.45 percent compared to May, 2021 and 51.35 percent compared to June, 2020.

Exports of iron and steel recorded the largest increase of 32.31 percent to reach US$486.4 million, he added.

Cumulatively, the value of Indonesia’s exports in January-June, 2021 reached US$102.87 billion, an increase of 34.78 percent compared to the corresponding period of 2020, Yuwono said. Meanwhile, non-oil and gas exports also rose by 34.06 percent, or as much as US$97.06 billion, he added.

By sector, non-oil and gas exports from the processing industry increased by 33.45 percent year on year in January-June 2021, he said. Meanwhile, exports of agricultural products also increased by 14.05 percent, while exports of mining and other products recorded an increase of 41. 21 percent, he added.

Exports to China, valued at US$4.13 billion, followed by the United States (US$2.14 billion) and Japan (US$1.36 billion) comprised the largest non-oil and gas exports in June, 2021, with the three nations accounting for 44.09 percent of exports, he said.

Exports to ASEAN countries and 27 countries in the European Union were recorded at US$3.59 billion and US$1.44 billion, respectively, he added.