Hype partners with Akuo to deploy vehicle fleets of green hydrogen stations in the Paris region

Given the public health emergency of air and noise pollution and the challenges of decarbonising transport, Hype, a pioneer in hydrogen mobility, and Akuo, an independent French producer of renewable energy are combining their initiatives in the Paris region with the Last Mile and H24byHype projects. The combination of these two projects will enable Hype to deploy at least 20 high-capacity stations (1,000 kg/day each) and six smaller stations in the Paris region by 2024, thus ensuring a coherent development of station networks and uses around Paris, with a density and scale.

As part of the partnership established with Akuo, Hype, via its subsidiary Hype Assets, is investing in the Last Mile project. Initially developed by Akuo, this project for a shared green hydrogen mobility ecosystem for last-mile delivery players includes the deployment in the Paris region by 2024 of hydrogen vehicle fleets and a network of 16 green hydrogen stations.