Heatwave engulfs much of Europe as
wildfires rage

Western France is facing a “heat apocalypse”, experts have warned, as extreme temperatures
continue to hit much of Europe. Temperatures could reach record levels in 15 regions of the
southwest, with firefighters battling wildfires and thousands forced to evacuate.
Wildfires in France in recent days have forced over 24,000 people to flee, with emergency
shelters set up for evacuees. The heatwave has prompted warnings of what one meteorologist
described to AFP news agency as “an apocalypse of heat” in some areas of the southwest.
The heatwave has impacted other areas of France too. The city of Brest in north-western
Brittany reached 40C (104F), far higher than its usual average for July. Record-high
temperatures were registered across many towns and cities in France, the national weather
office said.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-62206006