France’s Election 2022 for Abroad Citizen

How to take stock of this electoral situation?

You can check whether you are registered on the consular electoral list on the site .

It is also possible to update your data (residence address, telephone number and e-mail address) online on the page Consular registration in the register of French people living abroad of the portal.

To vote by Internet (only for the 2022 legislative elections and subject to approval of this voting method before the poll is held), each voter must have entered an individual email and mobile phone number by April 29 at the latest. 2022.

To vote by correspondence (only for legislative elections), each voter must have requested to activate the option of voting by correspondence via closed envelope at his consulate, by email or post, before March 31, 2022.

Since January 1, 2019, any registration on a new electoral, consular or municipal list automatically results in your removal from the previous list .

For more information, visit the website FranceDiplomatie

For which elections is it possible to vote abroad?

The French people registered on the consular electoral list can vote for the national ballots and the elections of the advisers of the French abroad and the consular delegates.

To find out more, visit the website France Diplomatie

When are the next elections scheduled?

Consult the date of the upcoming national elections on the site (Abroad tab)

In 2022, the presidential and legislative elections will take place.

For the presidential election,

  • the first round will take place
    • Saturday April 9 for the American continent and the Caribbean,
    • Sunday April 10 for the rest of the world;
  • the second round will take place
    • Saturday April 23 for the American continent and the Caribbean,
    • Sunday April 24 for the rest of the world.

For legislative elections,

  • the first round will take place
    • Saturday June 4 for the American continent and the Caribbean,
    • Sunday June 5 for the rest of the world;
  • the second round will take place
    • Saturday June 18 for the American continent and the Caribbean,
    • Sunday June 19 for the rest of the world.

Until when can I register on a consular list of electors?

You can register until the 6th Friday before polling day,
that is:

  • the 4 March 2022 for the presidential election,
  • the 29 April 2022 for legislative elections

Beyond these dates, depending on your situation, you can still register on the electoral list, in particular if you have:

  • moved to the constituency for professional reasons;
  • acquired French nationality or recovered your electoral rights;
  • reaches the age of majority without being registered in the Register of French people living outside France.

In all these situations, you can contact the consulate.

Find all the useful information, procedures and forms on the dedicated page on the website France Diplomatie .

You will also find on this page the various avenues of appeal to request, under certain conditions, your registration on the consular electoral list.

Where will the polling stations be for the next elections?

You will receive by email or post a letter of convocation indicating the precise coordinates of your consular polling station a few weeks before the poll.

What health protocol will be put in place in the polling stations?

Specific health measures to ensure the protection of voters and members of polling stations will be put in place. The president of the polling station may refuse access to the polling station to any voter who refuses to comply with these measures, within the framework of the exercise of his police prerogatives provided for by article R49 of the electoral code.

  • A water point for washing hands with soap nearby or, failing that, hydro-alcoholic gel will be available;
  • Polling stations and voting booths will be regularly disinfected;
  • At each stage of the course within the office, a safety distance of 2 meters between each person must be respected;
  • The “barrier gestures” will be displayed and must be respected;
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory. The mask may be removed at the request of a member of the polling station for the strict necessity of verifying the identity of the voter. This obligation does not apply to people with disabilities who have a medical certificate justifying this exemption;
  • It is recommended to bring your own pen of indelible blue or black ink.

Additional health measures could be implemented locally at the time of the poll. We invite you to consult this section in the days preceding the poll.

How to establish a power of attorney?

If you are unable to come to your polling station on polling day, you can now establish a proxy in favor of a trusted person.