First edition of the bilateral maritime dialogue between France and Indonesia

One year after the signing of the terms of reference, during the visit of the Minister of the Sea Annick Girardin in June 2021, Indonesia hosted, on Monday March 28, 2022, the first edition of the Franco-Indonesian maritime dialogue. This meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Olivier Poivre d’Arvor, Ambassador for the Poles and Maritime Issues, and by Mr. Basilio Araujo, Deputy Minister for Maritime Sovereignty and Energy.

In the introduction, the Deputy Minister stressed the importance of maritime issues for his country but also on an international scale: for its economic opportunities, but also as a climate regulator, security risks in strategic straits. All in all, the maritime sector Indonesian accounted for nearly 20% of the country’s GDP. The partnership with France should make it possible to open up new perspectives both for a more sustainable ocean and for “blue prosperity”.