Epicure’s Dinners, Master Auguste Escoffier’s 175th Birthday Anniversary Celebration

On the occasion of the 175th birth anniversary of the great master of French gastronomy, epicureans from all over the world gathered on the evening of October 28 to share the same menu and ambition accompanied by an act of charity, as it was conceived 109 years ago by “The Cook of Kings and King of Cooks”, Master Escoffier himself.

Chef Gilles Marx of Amuz Gourmet restaurant in Jakarta was happy to announce the very first Disciple Escoffier Epicure’s Dinner at Amuz restaurant on October 28th 2021 at 6 pm.

The Disciple Escoffier is a worldwide association of chefs who, since 1954, serve to promote the values of Auguste Escoffier. With more than 30.000 members, in 47 countries worldwide, the values of the association are to honour the memory of Auguste Escoffier, to promote the art of cooking and eating, to organize culinary competitions for young chefs and waiters, to bring closer together chefs and waiters, to organize culinary events for the public and to support charity associations.

Auguste Escoffier, born in 1846 in France, was the first chef, restaurateur and culinary writer to organize, categorize and standardize French cuisine and art if dining modernizing French cuisine and elevating the profession. He worked in partnership with hotelier César Ritz, rising to prominence together at the Ritz hotel in Paris and then at the Carlton hotel in London which under his reign become the culinary epicentres of the world. To such extent that Escoffier decided to create a worldwide gastronomic event called Le Diner d’Epicure which, staring in 1912, was served in 37 restaurants all around the world and in 1914, 140 restaurants in the world. For his tremendous achievements in promoting French gastronomy to the world. He was granted the title of Officer of Legion of Honour by the President of France.

Until today Escoffier remains the only chef and restaurateur to have successfully pulled off such an amazing enterprise and in honour of his tremendous success in globalizing French gastronomy, the disciples of Escoffier have maintained an annual tradition of the Diner d’Epicure. And this year of 2021 they will be celebrating the 175th anniversary of Auguste Escoffier.

On October 28th 2021, at Amuz restaurant, the Indonesian chapters of the Disciple Escoffier (Bali and Jakarta) inoculated by the President of the Disciple Escoffier Asia Pacific, Chef Robert Fontana. The board members of the association are: President Indonesia; Chef Gilles Marx, Vice President Jakarta; Chef Stefu Santoso, Vice President Bali; Chef Gildas Perrin, First Secretary; Chef Ronald Silvano, in charge of collaborations and sponsors; Chef Chris Salans, and in charge of development and communication; Mr. Hans Manan.

After the inoculation, the members of the newly formed association cooked a signature Diner d’Epicure for which Auguste Escoffier was so renowned for. The dinner was a 5-course tasting menu with all premium French wines. The menu was specifically designed by the President of the Association, Chef Nicolas Sale and Chef Guillaume Gomez, the Ambassador of French Gastronomy and the official chef of the French Presidency. Chef Chris Salans of Mozaic restaurant in Bali, Pastry Chef Fransisca Tamba of Amuz Gourmet Group, Chef Stefu Santoso of Aprez café and catering, and Chef Gilles Marx of Amuz Gourmet prepared the menu for the evening.