Building a More Sustainable E-Commerce Industry Through Strengthening Digital Infrastructure

Schneider Electric, a leading global company in digital transformation in energy management and automation, said that the increasing growth of E-commerce transactions needs to be accompanied by more sustainable management system. As the leading sector of the future, E-commerce is facing two major challenges, namely the demand for the fulfillment of the best transaction experience without barriers, as well as the global push for decarbonization.

Data centers are the largest contributor to energy consumption in the IT industry, which is estimated to consume 8.5% of global electricity by 2035. Responding to this, Yana Achmad Haikal, Business Vice President of Secure Power at Schneider Electric Indonesia & Timor Leste said, “The data center of the future is expected to consume less electricity without sacrificing reliability. This is made possible by digitizing energy management and automation by utilizing software management tools such as EcoStruxure IT & Asset Advisor to increase visibility and overall control over data center operations. That way, productivity and uptime will also increase, while reducing electricity costs.”