Become a Patron

Get more benefits and more exposure by become our Patron

This program will bring to our valuable patron the benefits of 3 years company exposure through IFCCI Media Promotion Tools (Website, Newsletter, Brochure, Directory Book, and Calendar).

Amount: IDR 75.500.000 (exclude 10% VAT)

  1. The fund from the patronage will be contributed for:
  2. Creation of IFCCI new services and improving its current services
  3. IFCCI exposure through promotion and organizing events and activities
  4. Maintenance and refreshment of IFCCI office electronic equipment in order to support IFCCI daily activities
  5. Modernization of information utilization, ASDL line, computers and printing machine
  6. Renewal of the installation: renovation of the office building and merchandising the office equipments
  1. Installation of one big plaque with your company name and logo in the entrance of the IFCCI office
  2. Company logo in IFCCI website, in IFCCI weekly Newsletter, in IFCCI post event newsletter mentioned as IFCCI Patron
  3. Company logo in Patron Standing Banner to be placed in every event that is joined by IFCCI
  4. Company name and logo in IFCCI calendar, in IFCCI Directory Book mentioned as IFCCI Patron
  5. Company name and logo in IFCCI Membership Brochures mentioned as IFCCI Patron
  6. 2 posters placement in IFCCI Office
  7. 2 Free admission to attend Beaujolais Nouveau event/year
  8. 4 free admission to attend Social Business Rendezvous event/year
  9. Brochures/fliers to be distributed in exhibition that is joined by IFCCI

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