Atalian Global Services Indonesia Launches #CleanIsANewCare Campaign to Raise Hygiene Awareness in Public Places

#CleanIsANewCare is ATALIAN Indonesia’s first nationwide campaign to promote hygienic standards
in public spaces through simple cleaning best practices

Jakarta, 11 November 2021 – Despite the steady decrease of daily Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, and the gradual lifting of restrictions, the public are advised to remain vigilant about maintaining good personal cleanliness in public spaces.

Leading facility services provider, ATALIAN Global Services Indonesia launches its #CleanIsANewCare campaign to engage Indonesians, and invite them to reduce the spread of infection by taking responsibility of shared public spaces.  The campaign is part of the company’s commitment to highlight the importance of cleanliness as a long-term commitment, and not just a short-term effort.

A special jingle and video combining music and dance has been created in collaboration with EKI Dance Company to deliver the message in a visual way to help cross generations remember simple steps.

Jeffry Johary, CEO of ATALIAN Global Services Indonesia said, “#CleanIsANewCare is a call to action to promote cleanliness as a form of collective social care.  As one of the biggest facility service providers in the country, we felt we had a duty of care in keeping our communities safe using our cleaning expertise to promote good practices in a fun way.

Aiko Senosoenoto, Founder of Eksotika Karmawibhangga Indonesia (EKI Dance Company) responded, “This collaboration is a new story for us and the positive message from #CleanIsANewCare has enabled us to take part in expressing the awareness of hygienic in an innovative way. ATALIAN and EKI Dance Company are also working in collaboration to host a competition with a prize of IDR 50 million.  To win, the public will be invited to re-create the #CleanIsANewCare jingle video of using their own creativity and post it on social media.

View the recorded virtual live conference here